For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Here I go!!!

I’m very excited to start my blogging experience. I’ve been contemplating it a lot lately, as I have had certain truths laid on my heart that I would like to share. I plan to share things that have inspired me, in hopes that perhaps you also will be blessed.

My “theme verse” is Luke 12:34 – “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It reminds me to evaluate where I spend my time, money, what kinds of things I acquire and value.

Although I am a mom and a wife (and my life pretty much revolves around the duties of those roles during this chapter of my life), I am also still a woman. I plan to write about various aspects of life, as I am challenged on different levels, in my different roles. Sometimes it may be concerning parenting, or being a wife, a friend, a woman, a child of God.

I was recently reminded of something that I remember hearing at various times in my past. They say that if you want to spend your time doing something specific, you need to carve it out, or else something else will fill up that space. It is also said that if you don’t schedule your own time, someone else will. This general concept is true in so many areas of life. It reminded me that I need to be aware of what I want to achieve (in a day, a project, in being a wife, raising my children, etc) and work toward that end. I was struck with the realization that I have to constantly be in the mode of being “on purpose” if I want something to get done.

Recently, this has come to mind as I parent my toddler daughter. I am reminded each day of how every experience she has at her young age is a new one. She is learning and discovering the world around here. How things work, how she fits into it. What is acceptable and what is not. I need to be “on purpose” about what I want her to learn and how I want her to perceive the world around her. How do I want her to view the world? How do I instill Biblical values and help her to grow into a prepared, well-adjusted, thriving woman of God?

I am thinking of so many other things to share, but I will save them for another post. 🙂

I’ve been quite pensive lately. Perhaps it is because of all of the hurt and pain around me, as friends have been going through hard times and it’s made me aware of just how fragile life is and has also directed me to be more eternity-driven. For whatever reason, I find these reflections and evaluations to be important and necessary. I just need to make sure it doesn’t stop with the thinking part. I need to ACT in order to make them effective and for change to occur. I’m making 2012 the year to ACT. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!


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13 thoughts on “Here I go!!!

  1. Awesome, Beth. I can’t wait to see where this takes you.

  2. this is perfect for you Beth 🙂 Look forward to reading your posts!!!

  3. I am so excited for you !! I can’t wait to share in your journey and hear your inspiration! Your first post was very touching and is definitly on my same page… without the toddler, lol. I am always here reading and listening! Just thought I would let you know that. Sometimes in my “darkest hour” I have to remember that God is always with me too!

  4. Sarah Bednar on said:

    Great thoughts, Beth! I’m excited to see how the year goes for you — with purpose!

  5. Looking forward to following this. Really identify the carving out time theory. It’s so true, and often times mom takes care of everyone but herself. I’ll be checking back:)

  6. How to impress biblical values with your toddlers? I am seeing now, my three toddlers, now grown in to men…the way to IMPRESS on children biblical values is…TO LIVE THEM OUT DAILY IN YOUR OWN LIFE! THEY ARE WATCHING!!! Nothing goes unseen by our children!! And as they grow up, and I grow old…this reality is more and more before me…GOD IS FAITHFUL! How wonderful to grow older…it gives us more opportunity to see truly how much, God is FAITHFUL!

  7. Karen Zitzer on said:

    Finding your purpose as a mom also changes as you become a mother of adult children. One thing never changes though…you are on your knees before God praying for your children/grandchildren daily!

    You mentioned about observing your toddler as she experiences things each day, learning and discovering the world around her. How things work, how she fits into it, what is acceptable and what is not. I look at my own adult children and watch as they now journey into an adult world experiencing adult situations and how things work, how they fit in, where they fit in, what’s acceptable and not.

    As a mother, be there on purpose for your children, even when you are busy or tired. Love them unconditionally, on purpose. Admit to your child when you have made a mistake, show them you are human. Mostly and intentionally…get on your knees daily and pray for your children also asking the Lord for wisdom in how to be a good godly parent. Many, many prayers through out the day have gone up on behalf of my precious children.

    Being a mother is the most wonderful blessing in the world!

    • Aunt Karen, these are wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you for sharing them. Glad you had this wisdom in raising a very good friend of mine who has become such a wonderful mommy herself. 😉 Thank you for the reminder of all of these truths! I value your insight!!!

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