For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

It could be any of us up there…

My brother recently attended a funeral for a friend’s wife. She passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. He was telling me how tough of a funeral it was. She was only 30 years old and left behind her husband and 2 small children (one a newborn). He said to me, “It was hard seeing him [the husband] standing there next to the casket. Made me think that it could be any of us husbands.”

His statement hit me. Hard. It’s not fun to think about those kinds of “what-ifs”,  but it is necessary. It could be any of us up there. If it were, would we be prepared?


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2 thoughts on “It could be any of us up there…

  1. I know a relative of this husband. Yes, how sad, it shook many people, even people like me, who did not know either of them personally. Many have been praying for this family. May they experience, in the midst of this grief, the mercy and grace of God. And may, when there time comes, they will be prepared to meet God.
    Whether we are granted 10 years or 11o years, in the end…there is an end. God gives life and will bring death, in His appointed time. May we not be found shuttering when we meet God, but may we look forward to His loving, forgiving face, because He sent His Son, as our Savior.

  2. This hits close to my heart as a friend’s nephew who was just born in December, passed away yesterday and my heart has been breaking for the family.

    It has really hit home as to what is important in life – relationship with the Lord and relationship with others.

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