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What started it all

I think what started me thinking about being “on purpose” was something I read in a book I was reading – “Finding Your Purpose as a Mom”  by Donna Otto. She talks about making your home a peaceful place. I find that in order to do that successfully, it often is almost a battle. It’s a constant effort to not allow those things that can steal that peace to enter. That may be different for different people. For me, I had not realized how much the TV had been on throughout our day, whether we were watching it or not. I stopped turning it on. I turned music on instead. Wow. What a difference. For us, that really helped to foster a peaceful environment. Before I knew it, a month or two had passed and I had not even thought to turn on the TV. It didn’t even feel like we were missing anything. I also started to become more aware of keeping the house more tidy throughout the day and had no idea how much having things in some kind of order (at least for periods of the day – constant tidiness is impossible with small children, I have found!) creates a tremendous feeling of peace for me!

Then there’s our schedules. I sometimes feel at war with my schedule. Not allowing too much to fill up our time so that we are rushing here and rushing there, without any time left to just “be”. This is especially a challenge during the holiday season. It seems to begin before Thanksgiving, then continues through Christmas and into the New Year. So much to do, so many activities going on… So many demands it seems. I forced myself to stay very aware of what we committed to and what types of things were given time in our schedule so that we did not get sucked into the hustle and bustle of the season and therefore lose focus.

I found it also helped me out a great deal to PLAN more than I had been. The author I mentioned above, Donna Otto, offers some great tools in another of her books “Get More Done in Less Time” to help organize your day, mail, papers, meals, lists, etc. Using her tips and resources, I was able to make some order out of these things, and taking the time to go over them also helps to manage these tasks and ensure they get done. I find that when I use these tools, it helps my mind to be clearer and my day to go more smoothly, as I know what I need to do, what my goals are, etc. It also helps me to better control my time, instead of it controlling me and constantly fighting the clock. I need to be more diligent about using the tools I have on a regular basis. I’ve been slacking there and I can tell because I am not as focused. Here’s a link to Donna Otto’s website, She has many downloadable forms, lists, etc that you may find helpful.

These things are things that I find require a constant effort to remain in balance so that we can keep our homes as a peaceful place. This is something that is very important for me to make our home a peaceful place for my family. A place of refuge. A place to escape the chaos and uncertainly of our world. It’s most certainly a battle, but it is so worth it when we succeed!


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5 thoughts on “What started it all

  1. Thanks for sharing this! A good message and remider about what is truly important!

  2. I enjoyed this, Beth. It made me think about my new season of life, being at home with Josh. I have to find balance in making sure that I don’t get too caught up in keeping a clean house (as I find that peaceful, too) and learn to just “be”. And choose my battles.

    I think you touched upon something that I find is almost a dying art. Being. I was at our women’s Christmas banquet (my first night out alone) and that is basically the crux of what the speaking was sharing.

    It is so easy for me to get distracted about what I may or may not be doing as a mom and wife and friend. Sometimes I think with all the modern advances in technology and whatnot, almost keeps us from being. We really have to choose to do so ie. keeping that TV off, turning on music instead (another one I too, have been trying to practice).

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are such a down-to-earth, solid girl! So honored to be related to you ; )

    • Katy, thanks for reading my blog- and commenting! It’s encouraging to me that people are coming alongside me in this journey. I value your company and comments. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Katy. I’m glad so many of us have the opportunity to be aware of these things at this point in our lives. It breaks my heart to hear of people whose kids have grown and they reminisce with the pain of regret over how they should have done things differently. I am certain no one looks back on these years and wishes they would have kept a cleaner house or done more chores in a day. Those tasks always wait (though they may drive us nuts in the meantime!), but our little ones keep growing, whether we like it or not! With God’s help, we can live in a way that we can look back with no regrets, if we follow His leading. Praise the Lord for that!!!

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