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Results: Day 1 of 21

Overall, today was a huge success for me! I’m even more excited about this challenge now that I’ve made the plunge!

I have to say, though, that today’s success did not come easy! I started off wanting to go back to bed and feeling sluggish and completely unmotivated to do anything other than the daily tasks. I had already made up my mind that today was Day 1 of the challenge, so there was no turning back. I knew the longer I let that thought nag me, the more it would get me down, so finally I just made up my mind to do the task that had been “nagging me” for a while. I actually ended up doing 2 things! I had been thinking for the past week or so that it was time to put the Christmas decorations away. We took the tree down (or out to the front porch!) yesterday, and I had put all of the ornaments in a box. That box had been nagging me, along with all of the other decorations, stockings, etc. Not to mention, that box was a magnet for the inquiring mind and eager hands of a certain 2-year-old. 😉 (Boy, if having a toddler doesn’t remind you of everything that you should have put away right away, then I don’t know what will!) So I was happy to complete that task as well as another.

I wonder if anyone else has those things that set around for a while because we’re not sure if they work or they need to be fixed, etc. Well, I am quite notorious for those types of items and I have had a couple of them nagging me for a while, so I was happy to finally check them out, make a decision about them, and even found a new home for one of them, courtesy of Freecycle. 🙂 (The other item got trashed! Yeah!)  That was quite liberating to get that nagging task done! Whew!

I was so motivated after completing those 2 tasks I had been avoiding for a while (plus I’m sure the 2 cups of coffee didn’t hurt), that I went on to have a huge vacuuming spree, kitchen cleaning spree, AND moved a couple of things around in the living room and came up with a plan for reorganizing some furniture which will have to be completed tomorrow. 🙂 (Dinner happened in there, too.)

So, I’m curious if anyone else decided to take me up on the offer to join me on this journey? If so, I’d love to hear how your first day went and how you’re feeling about it all. Post a comment or send me a message. I am definitely feeling quite empowered about the changes I can make – the little changes, that will grow to affect my whole life – on a daily basis and long-term. I am also quite thrilled that, in talking about the challenge and how I am blogging about it, Korry has decided to do the challenge along with me. I’m excited to see the new habits we can both make to be disciplined for the better of our home!

So, tomorrow will be another day and I’ve already come up with my response to the challenge. Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing that tomorrow – and explaining how I will put it into practice! If you are in a constant battle with papers overtaking areas of your home (especially flat surfaces!) or perhaps your entire home (yes, this is a major struggle of mine!), then you will want to definitely read tomorrow’s blog post!  …Until then!


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4 thoughts on “Results: Day 1 of 21

  1. Becky Haney on said:

    Beth there are many days when I feel scattered and just really don’t want to get started. Time and time again I say a little prayer for help in what I would like or even need to accomplish in a day and out of no where it seems to get done. It amazes me the “little prayers”. Our little world still matters to Him and it is what makes all the difference in the world. He wants peace for us!He is for us! (In saying all that it is okay to have play days, there is balance in everything, and I am in the process of learning to have balance and being okay with it, without guilt;)

    I am happy for you in your accomplishments. You are an inspiration, and I know you will be blessed and bless others by your efforts! I hope to keep learning from you. Thanks again for being such an open and real person! I am following this blog by the link you gave me and am glad you chose the winter to do this!

    I press on with you in the shadows,

  2. Becky Haney on said:

    By the way, tell Korry I am proud of him too! Iron sharpens iron, I think that is how it goes? Two is better than one (most days;P). Oh and I will be dealing with my Christmas stuff tomorrow so those little prayers will be going out:) Your an inspiration I tell ya!

    • I passed along your message. I think, deep down, he really is enjoying it. 🙂 I’m so proud of him. Yep, that’s how the iron verse goes. I agree about the two being better… unless it’s 2 messes you have to clean up… 😉

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