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Results: Day 6 of 21

Today’s reading focused on being realistic with our goals and habits we want to establish. The challenge was to evaluate the goals we’ve been focusing on and determine if they need to be adjusted in order to have better success. Mine seem to be realistic, for the most-part. The cleaning up at the end of the day habit has been a bit tough, depending how the day went, etc. I think I will adjust that one to say that I will have all of the dishes washed at the end of each day and aim to get everything straightened and put away, but the goal will be to have the area completely in place 5 days out of the week. I think that will take some of the pressure off, but also keep me in check. I’m pretty sure that once this becomes a habit, I won’t really have to think about it as it will be a “disciplined habit” and just something I do, without having to think about it. Like I mentioned in another post, the more I keep the area straightened on a daily basis, that easier it will be, and the more motivated I will be to work to keep it that way, since I know how enjoyable the result is! 🙂


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One thought on “Results: Day 6 of 21

  1. Karen Zitzer on said:

    In reading your blog I think you have hit the nail on the head in trying to obtain your goal(s)…taking “baby steps”, not being hard on yourself for what you don’t accomplish and seeing this daily goal turning into a habit…with enjoyable results.

    I’ve been inspired by you and cleaned out my craft closet over the weekend (Holly’s old closet in her bedroom) I even found several “old” pictures in the closet of you and Holly when you’d stay here over night. I’ve made several trips back to the closet to admire how nice and clean it looks! See, you are having a good affect on me!! : )

    Love ya!
    Auntie Karen

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