For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Results: Day 7 of 21

Today’s challenge has to do with resisting negative thoughts regarding reaching our goals. I have to say, I’ve definitely had some negative thoughts creeping in when I struggle to meet my goals, either because that day is particularly hard to succeed at what I’m trying to do, or because I either don’t meet the goal that day, or not as I had hoped to.

In this particular case, while I am working toward my new habits (the mail/paper sorting as well as the nightly clean-up, there are some days where they seem like much more of a challenge than other days. Sometimes, instead of making progress, I feel like I’m moving backwards. I may have moments of feeling paralyzed at the sight of how much needs to be done and how little time or motivation I have (or both!). Even sometimes I haven’t  felt like doing the daily reading, assignment and then using up brain-power to blog about it. But, I have remained diligent, since I have made a commitment to completing the 21 Days and the challenges that come along with each day. I’ll admit that my heart is not in it every day, but I know that sometimes that’s OK. As long as I continue to press on. I know in my mind that it will be worth it, even if my mind is trying to convince my heart some days.

I have to say that one of the things that has been a huge encouragement to me, is getting positive feedback from people who have been reading my blog. If nothing else gives me motivation to press on, this certainly does! Honestly, my words go out there and I have no idea who will read them, if anyone at all. I thought it would be good therapy for me to start blogging, just for my own sake. If no one read any of them, it would still be worth it for me. However, I learned that people have been reading them and I’ve been getting positive responses! Some of you have decided to come along for the ride on the 21 Day Challenge, participating in it with me, and some as spectators to cheer me on and share your own insights. What has made my heart smile more than anything, though, are the comments that say that what I’ve written has inspired them to DO something. Something that may not have been enjoyable, but it needed to be done and the reward came in the completing of the task. Thanks to those who have let me know that they’ve been encouraged or inspired. This is such a gift to me to know that. 🙂

I love one of the quotes that Crystal includes in the 21 Day e-book on Day 1:

“Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done, even though you don’t want to.”

Such a true statement. Sometimes it’s so tempting to take the easy way out, but in the long run, it really doesn’t get us anywhere.  My goal is to get to the point where I don’t have to drag myself or convince myself to do something that is undesirable at the moment, but that DISCIPLINE would be so ingrained in me, that I would just do it, without the dread. I’m not sure if this is even possible to attain, but I figure it can’t hurt to aim toward that goal. 🙂


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