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Results: Day 8 of 21

So excited about the assignment of actually writing down my goals. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that. There is definitely focus and power in the writing down of goals onto paper. I know there are always ideas flying around in my head of what I’d like to do or accomplish, but there’s not much chance that they will actually come to fruition if they stay in my head, just floating around. 😉 So I love to put them on paper, then it’s much easier to come up with a plan to attain them. I love having “check points” to see how I am doing with the goals as time goes by. It’s important to be flexible and learn how to adjust the timeline if things aren’ts going as originally planned. We only fail if we give up, so it’s fine to tweak the plan as we go. 🙂 (I have to remind myself of that sometimes!!)

The goal-setting worksheets that Crystal linked to are so helpful in really spelling out goals, in order for them to be reached. Great idea to fill those out! Let’s make and track our goals so we can go tackle them!!!


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One thought on “Results: Day 8 of 21

  1. Becky Haney on said:

    I am having one of those days where I should write down my goals to stay focused. Again I really like the hands on advice this challenge gives. I think being realistic with goals is huge in not getting overwhelmed etc. Thats a great point! Anyway I am curious to see what goals you have for tomorrow:) See you soon!

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