For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Results: Day 9 of 21

First, let me say that today was most certainly a TEST for me!  I was celebrating yesterday that I didn’t have to think about mail-sorting for THREE days in a row (and to think I used to LOVE getting mail- still sometimes do, but it’s not as “fun” now that I have to deal with all of it right away). So, today, we ended up receiving 15 pieces of mail!  Yep – 15 pieces. And I am proud to say that all of it is opened, filed, and put away. Yay! Success. I was pretty excited to just get through that pile and deal with it immediately and then share my success with you. 🙂 The great part is that it really wasn’t that hard and didn’t take much time! I could have set it there on the table and just mulled over it and kept telling myself how hard it was going to be and how annoying, etc… But instead, I pulled out my file folders for sorting and I sliced each envelope open, dealt with each one, put it in its place and TA-DA! DONE! What a wonderful feeling. Especially since I used to avoid certain pieces and save them for dealing with “when I had more time.” With my system in place, it was very fast to sort them all, so that makes it simple AND quick!

So, Day 9. Almost half-way! Today is about breaking our goals down into “bite-sized pieces”. Oh, this is so very important. Who wants a goal that is so intimidating and scary that we just run away from it and try to avoid it, never getting close to attaining it. Well, the breaking down of a goal is the fun part. I’ve always enjoyed this because it makes me really feel like I’m getting somewhere – or that I will soon! I like how Crystal gave the example of adding a different step each week. The goal I will be focusing on is making my home’s appearance more peaceful by making it more orderly and functional. Mainly, cutting the clutter. This is a huge feat, I know. That is why it is even more important to break it down and pace myself. It can seem INSURMOUNTABLE for sure!

Breaking it down helps me to see it in 3 big steps. First, I know that I need to PURGE things. I will need to remove the unwanted, unneeded, the extras, etc. Then I will need to ORGANIZE the things that are left. Lastly, I will need to MAINTAIN what I have worked so hard to attain.

These steps are easier said than done. I know, but by making a REALISTIC action plan, it will be very possible to achieve success. I think I will perform these steps room by room to break it down even more.  Also, I’m pretty sure I will be giving myself to the end of the year 2012 to do the purging and organizing. That way, I can really pace myself so that I don’t become overwhelmed and just crawl into a hole and forget about the whole thing.

I chose this goal because I have become well-aware of how my home environment affects so many parts of me- my mood, attitude, frustration level, patience, tolerance, etc. It affects a lot. Things get lost, everything takes more time and effort and it just plain STINKS when there is a lack of order.

I’m very excited to get all of this down on paper and begin making my timeline for my broken-down goals. Then it’s time to get to work and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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