For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Results: Day 12 of 21

Great reminder in today’s challenge to focus on staying focused. 🙂 Crystal breaks this down into 2 steps: 1) Remove Distractions and 2) Focus on a small piece at a time. I love how practical these are. And so very important.

With the removing of distractions, it’s important to know ourselves and to be one step ahead in making sure those things don’t totally throw us off-course and to know how to get them out of the way so we can still achieve our goals.

The “small piece” way of breaking our goals down really cuts down on feeling like the goals are too overwhelming and increases our chances of reaching the goals. I love her suggestion to work on something (piles of clutter, in her example) for just 15 minutes a day. I notice a big difference when I set the timer. Sometimes I don’t realize how long I may spend just sitting down at the computer “quick” to look up something, read emails, Facebook, etc. When I have the timer set in order to work in a specific area and I get de-railed, that timer quickly holds me accountable as I can clearly see how much time I’ve just spent doing something that did not cut the clutter! It also makes it almost “fun” like a game! This is a good reminder and I’m going to take her advice and grab my timer and try to squeeze a quick 15 minutes in each day to work on something I’ve been avoiding or something that just seems to daunting to tackle all at once. I believe that little chunks of time add up to significant things, just like pennies add up to significant amounts of money. (And anyone who knows me well, knows I truly believe the latter!) 😉


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