For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Results: Day 14 of 21

Today’s reading really hit home with me. The topic is about setting ourselves up for success in reaching our goals.

I can honestly say that “I am not a morning person.” Which does NOT mean that I can’t make myself get up early and be productive (that would be giving up the opportunity for me to be able to make a change). It just means that I’m not NATURALLY inclined to do that. I am definitely a “night owl” and find my most productive times to naturally be at night. This, of course, starts a nasty cycle of even more difficult mornings since I end up “being productive” way too late into the night to be able to get up at a decent time (and feel sane). I’ve been pondering this whole thing a lot lately and trying to decide if it’s even worth trying to get up earlier, when it’s such a troublesome thing and I could just go with the natural energy I get at night (okay, yes, sometimes it is CAFFEINE- but I guess that’s still “natural”) 😉 and have my productive time then. It’s kind of a sticky situation getting up early because if I get up early in order to be productive before the kids get up, sometimes it backfires because they end up waking up early, too. So, that’s why it’s sort of sticky right now, at least at this point in my life with kids at the ages mine are. I still think I need to make some adjustments to my schedule because I do find that it helps me out a lot just to be up before the kids and be able to start my day with some focus, even if I’m not “busy” doing chores, etc. Just to get my mindset right for the day – maybe even some reflective devotional time – makes a big difference in feeling prepared for the day and just seems to help it go more smoothly.

So, I felt the need to address that topic, since it was the example used in today’s reading, even though that is not the current goal I am working on. As far as my particular goal, I am going to be contemplating what may be hindering me (or potential hindrances) from successfully following through. Also, I’m challenged by the application section to take steps to set myself up for better success. I think one big thing is having those goals, milestones, bite-sized pieces WRITTEN DOWN and VISIBLE so that I don’t lose track in the day-to-day grind. I notice that happens to me. I will be so focused and all excited and ready to achieve something and then… LIFE HAPPENS. It could be a routine/schedule change, sickness, etc. I’m pretty sure this happens to other people, too.  So, I think since there’s nothing that can be done about life “happening”, I just need to find a way to still achieve the goals, despite the distractions, setbacks, etc, that just happen as a part of life.


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