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Results: Day 17 of 21

I am really glad to have today’s topic in the 21 Day Challenge. Today, Crystal addresses not comparing ourselves to others- specifically in the area of goals/habits. She mentioned that we should not feel badly if we do not get up as early as she does, since getting up early was a goal she had mentioned she was working on forming into a habit.

I was glad to see this and really found freedom in what she wrote. She also said how she is in a season of life now where certain goals for her make more sense. For example, getting to bed early and getting up early are much more feasible for her now since she has no baby, is not pregnant, and her children sleep through the night. She said there was a time in her life when it would not have been the wise or healthy thing to do to try to get up early. This is so important to remember.

Seasons of life can change so quickly. Some seasons may seem like they are lasting forever, but I think it’s really good to see what types of habits and goals are REALISTIC for the particular season we are in. For example, one thing I’ve been trying to do is to keep the main living area in the house cleaned up- especially at the end of the day, and to try to maintain some semblance of order throughout the day, putting things away right away, etc. During this season of my life, while having young children at home, between toddler toys and baby gear, I’m finding that my definition of “order” may need to be a little more lax and that it will need to be “ok” for now. I need to find a point of tolerance where it is manageable to find order and be content with that. 🙂 I also need to remember to apply this to other goals that I have and really determine if they are realistic for this season of my life.


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