For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Results: Day 20 of 21

Today’s challenge is to just do things that need to be done instead of putting them on a list or thinking about them too much. Specifically, the things that only take a minute or two to do. Why think about them so much when we could just take action immediately and then it’s DONE! I’ve been thinking about this lately, actually. There will be things lying around that I need to take care of and sometimes it seems like it’s going to be such a hassle, so I put it off… and put it off… Then one day I just get tired of seeing it lay around, so I deal with it. And guess what? It wasn’t that bad.

I recall recently reading somewhere to make a list of all of the things that you WANT to get done, but don’t need to be done immediately (the non-everyday type tasks). It was recommended to put just ONE thing from that list on your to-do list every day. Then it’s a very realistic way to get those things done without getting overwhelmed about it.

This challenge has been so encouraging in so many ways. One way is just knowing that someone else out there shares some of the same struggles that I have. And being given tips and a plan to deal with those struggles in order to overcome them is a great gift!

Tomorrow is the last day. Excited to see what’s in store and then to ponder the progress I’ve made and the goals to strive toward going forward. This is awesome! I’m feeling so EMPOWERED!!!


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