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Success with the 15-minute timer!

This is from several days ago- just getting to posting it now.


This morning I forced myself to get up early and get some things accomplished. I decided to challenge myself with the 15-minute timer. I am NOT naturally a morning person, so being productive in the morning requires me to be creative and work extra hard to get/keep myself moving! The natural juices are just not there at this time!

So, I had some dishes I left undone yesterday (for the sake of getting to bed earlier!), which I was able to tackle in my first 15 minute segment (including emptying the dishwasher and washing some items by hand).

In the second 15 minutes, I was able to switch and fold laundry as well as feed and brush the dog, along with some other random cleanup.

I have to say that this immediate success was very exciting for me and certainly gave me a boost to keep on going and also gave me a jumpstart on my daily chores. It also was great because then when the kids got up, I could be more focused in tending to their needs than trying to do chores at the same time and feeling like I’m getting nothing accomplished!

Definitely will be incorporating this 15-minute timer thing into my day as often as possible!


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