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My blogging hiatus

I’m baaaaack! Please pardon my blogging hiatus. I was thankful to be missed, as several people told me personally that they missed my posts and were hoping I was up to something next. I really needed a break after that intense 21 day challenge. I also was contemplating what my next “challenge” would be. I want to try to stay on my toes in working toward improvement in some areas I’ve let go by the wayside. I see my blog as a great way to hold myself accountable and also a way to make sure I’m actually “getting” what I’m reading.

I’ve decided I’m going to be working through the book I recently got “The Money-Saving Mom’s Budget”. I was very excited to buy it and have yet to actually *read* it, other than just skimming. I will admit that my admiration for the Money Saving Mom (Crystal Paine), who wrote the 21 Day Challenge e-book I recently finished, has become a bit of a slight obsession, but she has a lot of great and practical information to offer and I find her inspiring to me personally.

So, I will be deciding today how I will be going through the book and blogging about it. If anyone else happened to purchase the book, I’d love for you to share your insights as well. Of course even if you didn’t get the book, hopefully you can glean something from what I share here.

And I really want to see some comments, if you feel so inclined to share them!

…More to come…


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One thought on “My blogging hiatus

  1. Trish W. on said:

    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to hearing your insights about Crystal Paine’s new book.

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