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My next “challenge”

So I’ve reviewed The Money Saving Mom’s Budget book and it looks like I should be able to tackle 2-3 chapters per week. Some of the chapters have much more “work” involved, so there may be chapters where I can accomplish more or less within a week, but that will be my weekly average goal. Plan to have the book’s 9 chapters completely finished by March 17th.


Don’t be alarmed if you are not interested in hearing about the whole “budget” thing. The title of the book is just a tad bit deceiving. The chapters in the book also cover topics such as Goal-Setting, Tackling Chaos and Clutter, Couponing, and Choosing Contentment. They all do pretty much have to do with saving money, but of course you could always just pick and choose tips that may work for you. So there will be a variety of issues addressed, which is both exciting and DAUNTING for me! But I know it will not be TOO daunting because I’m doing this in “bite-sized pieces.” 🙂 But it is still scary. Maybe because I will actually get to conquer some of the demons that have been crippling me and holding me back from my potential!

The first chapter – “If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Train Will Get You There” – talks about the importance of setting goals. It also tells us to actually SET THEM. It’s one thing to read about setting goals. It’s quite another to actually DO IT. One of the assignments is to set aside a one-hour block of time to really BRAINSTORM goals and then set some realistic ones that I will work toward. Whew. There is something really freeing about goal-setting. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend you give it a whirl today! If you’re like me, you have a lot of ideas and great plans swirling around in your head that you think would be a great idea to do. It can get to be a bit overwhelming… Lots of great intentions, but not having much direction toward making anything happen. So, that’s where the goal-setting comes in. Goals give feet to those great ideas we have. Or wings. However you want to put it, the goals are the vehicle to allowing those great ideas, intentions to GO SOMEWHERE! To me, it’s sort of like having a train (the idea) just sitting there in the grass and then putting it on the track (setting the goal) so that it can actually get moving and accomplish something. OK, hopefully you get what I’m saying. 🙂

There are awesome tips in the book on how to set goals – first, having that one-hour block of time to just brainstorm, asking yourself “Where do I want to be financially five years from now?” Then writing down anything that comes to mind, next choosing the top 3 goals from the brainstormed ideas, and WRITING THE GOALS DOWN. The next very important step is to BREAK THEM INTO BITE-SIZED PIECES. We definitely don’t want to set ourselves up for failure, so this is VERY IMPORTANT to make the goals ATTAINABLE and REALISTIC. After writing the goals down, it’s important to post them where you can remind yourself of them and review them often in order to track progress. Another great idea is to reward yourself for reaching “mini-goals” along the way. What a great incentive to stay motivated toward the bigger goals!

Speaking of sticking with goals, I’ve already put a post-it on this book with the weeks written out from now until March 17th, so I can track my progress and be sure to complete a minimum of 2 chapters each week. It makes me feel good to see that, by pacing myself, I will have the whole book done in about a month from now. It’s not even scary this way. I like it. 🙂

In my next post, I will continue in Chapter 1 with “Why You Won’t Get Anywhere Without Setting Goals”. Hoping to get through this first chapter rather quickly since I already know I will be spending a decent amount of time on Chapter 2 (“Are The Chaos And Clutter In Your Life Keeping You From Financial Success”).

If you are reading this book on your own or just following along with my blog, I’d love to hear your input! Please comment below. If you’re not already a “blog follower”, check that option out- then you can get my new posts sent immediately to your email.


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