For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Chapter 1… continued

I have been reading and taking lots of notes to share here. I have to say- it has been very difficult to summarize what I’m reading because it seems like everything in the book is sooo good that I want to share it ALL! So far, I’d definitely recommend “The Money Saving Mom’s Budget” by Crystal Paine. There is a lot of practical, easy-to-understand advice and tips.

I will just be going through and basically trying to give the highlights and the points that I feel are worth sharing, whether it was something new to me or just a helpful review. I may also interject some of my own insights and things I’ve learned along the way.

So… to continue where I left off in Chapter 1… She discusses the importance of setting goals. She says you won’t get anywhere without setting goals because “it’s a mind-set”. Goals give you purpose. They give MEANING to our efforts. The goals are what make it worth it to drive an old car instead of buying a new one or clipping coupons and bargain shopping, instead of indulging. 🙂 When we keep our goals in mind, it makes these “sacrifices” worth it, since we want to achieve the goal! 

Goals also give us FULFILLMENT. There is fulfillment in working hard and reaching a goal.


Goals give us MOMENTUM. Savings begets savings. It is true. Once we start seeing the effects of something… like saving… it typically makes us want to keep doing it- and doing it MORE!

She even addresses the issue of saving if you’re already “treading water.” Her suggestion is called the “$60 Principle”. She’s basically saying that you have to start somewhere. Make a goal to save just $60 in a year. Break it down to $5/month and $1.25/week. Most people can find a way to save that small amount.

Commit to short-term sacrifice (while focusing on long-term goals)!


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 1… continued

  1. Thanks Beth, that’s great! I am doing that now…making financial goals. =)

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