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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – “Coupons Are Not Just For Junk Food”

Rule #5 – “Use Coupons”

~There are coupons for organic and natural products (not just processed foods!)

~If you use coupons correctly, you’ll save at least $25-$50/hour

~There are lots of ways to get free coupons. Her website has lots of links as well as this really awesome tool to find specific coupons!

~Choose the best filing system for your coupons to use them effectively


This chapter is chock full of the nuts and bolts of couponing and lots of tips, even for someone such as I who have been using coupons for as long as I can remember, thanks for my mom teaching me their value from a young age. 🙂 I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but basically please know that you can find lots of info in the book, as well as links to some great coupon websites as resources. She also goes into detail about a few filing systems to choose from for keeping your coupons organized. This is something I need to crack down on and be disciplined about keeping organized. I’ve gotten some good ideas I plan to implement.

Also, she mentions sending expired coupons to military to use. Does anyone do this? I’d like to send mine for someone to use.

I’d love to hear some stories about your couponing success or your plans to embark upon the couponing journey. 🙂


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