For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Chapter 7

Here’s a post that everyone should be able to at least pick up one helpful tip, if not many!

Here are Money Saving Mom’s 25 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill Without Clipping Coupons!

Ready, set….. GO!

1) Frequent the Dollar Store

2) Don’t be brand dependent (vary brands or consider store-brand/generic)

3) Buy in bulk

4) Use a crockpot

Helpful sites:

5) Have a meatless night once a week (or more).

Consider: breakfast foods, vegetable soup/bread, lasagna, baked ziti, bean burritos, etc.

6) Bake your own bread (with a bread machine)

– Costs approximately 50 cents versus $2-$4/loaf

– Many recipes for breads, rolls, etc on

– She suggests borrowing a bread machine before purchasing your own

7) Shop at the bread outlet

8) Look for marked-down groceries (meat, produce, dairy)

9) Use half the recommended amount (laundry detergent, dish soap, shampoo)

10) Serve meat as a condiment (in soup, on pizza, in casserole)

* Mix meat with lentils for taco meat mixture

11) Stick with simple meals that use inexpensive ingredients (certain meals should be saved for special occasions only)

12) Eat from the pantry

*Tool: – Helps make meals out of items you already have on hand

13) Use bone-in chicken breast

14) Price-match at Walmart and Target

15) Order groceries online

Tools: – Tracks grocery prices and sends notifications of price-drops

Competitive sites:,,,

16) Use your freezer to stock up on good deals and for batch cooking. Example: cook a big batch of chicken breasts and chop and freeze for soup, casseroles, pizza, stir-fry, taco meat, meatballs, burrito filling.

Taking time to plan ahead saves time in the long run and helps resist the urge to get pizza or fast-food when in a hurry.

Tip: Dedicate an hour or 2 on weekends to prep meals for the week OR make multiples of meals 1-2 nights during the week and freeze for later.

Tool: – Freezer cooking tips

17) Don’t throw out your leftovers

– Eat them for lunch

– Once a week have a leftover buffet

Tool:  – Ideas for leftovers

18) Make your own homemade cleaners

Tool: – Homemade cleaner recipes

19) Eliminate paper products

20) Ditch cereal for breakfast

– Pancakes/waffles/french toast – make a big batch and freeze!

– Instant oatmeal packets – make your own (Google for recipes/ideas)

– Smoothies – use marked-down fruit from freezer

– Homemade granola over yogurt with fruit

21) Invest in reusable water bottles

22) Shop every other week

23) Buy a roast on sale and have it ground (lean cut bottom round- have ground at meat counter)

24) Buy product in season and on sale – freeze what can be frozen

25) Plant a garden – freeze or can extras!

– Tool: – Find local farms who sell produce to the general public


Whew! So there you have them! I hope you can find at least a few tips from the list that you can implement and save some of your hard-earned dough!

There are only 2 more chapters in the book. For some reason, I’ve had a hard time finding the motivation to finish the blog posts on the book, although I have nearly finished the book. I will be finishing up soon and then moving to something else, blog-wise. I would like to get back to some original ideas/thoughts, since that is what I enjoy and was more of the point of my blog to begin with. Any suggestions or input is welcomed in the comments below! 🙂

Also, I’d love to hear what you think of this list of 25 ways to lower your grocery budget. Have you already been doing any of these things? Are you planning to do anything from the list? Do any sound totally ridiculous to you?


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