For where you treasure is, there will your heart be also…

Contemplating… and a bit scattered…

So I’ve been doing a lot of contemplating on what to focus on for the blog and what direction it may go.

I feel like God’s been working on me in many areas and I’m definitely considering sharing some of those in hopes of gaining some insight and perhaps being a source of encouragement to others.

My blog and life “theme” of “living on purpose” spills over to so many facets of my life that I realize how important that is to stay focused in this area and to really be aware of that at all times. I’ve become aware recently of some practical ways that plays out in my own personal life.

With the change of seasons and the undeniable return of autumn, this is a great opportunity to consider what my priorities are. Now the garden is nearly finished producing the harvest, which provides a welcomed break after a great and “fruitful” summer season! The grass is slowing in its growing. The crisp nights and mornings are a reminder that, before we know it, the cooler weather will be here to stay (at least until spring!). Never a huge fan of the long winter months, I do love the change of seasons and the beauty that each season boasts. I have always found each to display the wonderful handiwork of my Lord.

Stay tuned as more blog posts will be on the horizon. I will continue prayerfully contemplating the content. 🙂


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