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When blessings become burdens

I know it’s been a while, but I had some things on my mind I would like to share. And I’m hoping I get some feedback from this. My plan is to focus on different areas and share my processes with you as I go through this “journey”.

I’ve been working hard lately to cut down on the “stuff” around here- the main things I’m dealing with lately is clothing. Specially, the kids’ clothing. As I anticipate adding a third child’s wardrobe to an already full bedroom currently shared by two girls, I know something drastic needs to be done. I know I need to do some major paring down, which I am pretty sure will help with my laundry dilemma (keeping up with putting it all away) as well as the finding and coordinating of clothing during dressing time issues.  Another issue is the changing over of seasons/sizes. This tends to be a dreaded headache of a task for me that takes entirely too much time, usually spanning the course of several days to sometimes longer because it doesn’t fit in the space, I get distracted, or I just start pulling items out of the piles before I’m done organizing it. Not to mention the stress it causes me! I know it does not have to be that difficult. A solution can be found to make it less tedious.

We have been blessed with clothing and various other items being given to us, as well as being bought at great prices, but I know now I’m at the point where I’m feeling burdened by too much and I need to take some action!

I tend to be a person who is resourceful and I attach value to items, but I know there is a point where excess can steal peace and order. I highly value peace and order, but for me, I have found that it is something I need to “fight” for! Not to mention I have excess that could be blessing others, instead of being a hindrance to me!

By the way, I think a lot of this has to do with a book I recently read by Jen Hatmaker. 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. That book has certainly given me a different perspective on the “stuff” I have in my life and what changes I could be making to make a difference in many ways.

So I’ve decided to do an experiment. It’s something I thought of the other day, although I know it is not original. 🙂 I’m going through one size at a time (starting with the ones my girls are currently moving out of and into), pulling out the obvious/glaring excess and selling or donating those items. Then I’m going to do another sweep with what’s left and choose a limited number of items (I’m still doing some figuring on the specific numbers for each item) and then put those items alone in the bedroom drawers and closet. The rest will just get put away somewhere else for the time being and I will only use the items that are available for a specified amount of time and see how that works out (probably 1-2 months). I may start with a few more items than I think are necessary and try to make a system for rotating through them (like turning hangers around until they are worn) so I can determine if everything is getting worn on a regular basis.

My hope is that I can find some success with first beginning this task with my girls’ clothing and then moving on to my own (although I feel like my wardrobe is in a constant state of change, especially with switching in maternity/summer and switching out non-maternity/winter, but that’s no excuse! I know my maternity wardrobe can be pared down, too- and I have already purged that some!).

I would love and appreciate some accountability on this. If you struggle with this same thing, I’d love to hear from you. Or if you have conquered this issue or it’s something that has always come easy for you, I’d also love to hear your insight and feedback!

I’ll be updating with progress! 🙂


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